adult titles

    See Ancient Rome from a personal and poignant point-of-view, not the usual epic of Emperors, senators and legions. When pampered Justinia Fonteia runs away from her family's villa in Pompeii, the 9-year-old  depends on a clever slave girl and a gladiatrix to help her survive the eruption of Vesuvius! 

         The three-volume story concludes at the 100 Days of Games that opened the mighty Hunter's Amphitheatre, now called The Colosseum.

      This series is currently in progress.

     In the sleazy, greedy New York City of the 1980s, a real vampire slips quietly through the colorful crowds and past the clueless cops. No supernatural being or romantic aristocrat, she is just a psychopath with a ferocious thirst.

    And all that stands between this unique killer and the next victim is an obsessed comic book fan teetering on the edge of insanity.

     This book is currently in progress.


      or How to Make a Killing in Comic Books.

        A crazed comic book artist takes bloody, campy revenge on the company which cheated him out of his creations, using deathtraps straight out of classic comic books!

        An over-the-top black comedy set in the wacky world of fans, conventions, and comic book publishing.

    This book is currently in progress.