Cinnamon sweet as honey

in New Year’s costume

      Cinnamon, the amazing Israeli costume-wearing cat, dons a bee suit to wish everyone a sweet Jewish New Year. He poses with apples and honey, the traditional foods of the celebration.

      Our year is already sweeter, thanks to this greeting from Wendy Gottlieb, the author and photographer behind STEALTH CAT and PURIM CAT the adorable books also starring her very special furry model.

      In Spring 2007 we trumpeted Sonic’s film debut in SYDNEY WHITE a Morgan Creek movie starring Disney darling Amanda Bynes.

      A key set in the sweet romantic college comedy was the Vortex, the house of seven fanboys who befriend Bynes, like the dwarves who shelter Snow White.

      The company needed posters, comic books, and action figures that wouldn’t require costly permission from superhero stables like Marvel and DC. For the thrill of seeing Sonic’s characters and name on screen, we gladly provided materials featuring our hero CAPTAIN MYSTIK, THE WOODEN SWORD, and TALES OF THE TERMINAL DINER.

   Now Stalker Productions plans to put Sonic Publishing in the movies again. This time our props will dress the set of a comic book store in the upcoming psycho-drama CRUSH. The story concerns a handsome High School soccer-playing playboy who dallies with the wrong dame.

      As the Hollywood insiders say, the “high concept” is “FATAL ATTRACTION junior.” Here’s hoping our properties provide useful props that attract the attention of other producers, say someone who wants to make a TERMINAL DINER movie.        Longshot you say? Sure! But that’s what makes horse-racing and Hollywood so exciting.

      Seeya at the movies!

CRUSH props

put us in a new movie