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doll’s hapless holiday

proves perfect in pink hardcover

      Have you ever planned the perfect holiday only to have everything go wrong? That’s what happens to Barbie and her three younger sisters in Elise Allen’s new screenplay starring Mattel’s popular doll.

     Of course with Barbie, two things are guaranteed: Happy endings and plenty of pink. So by the story’s conclusion, Barbie and her siblings have discovered that the best holidays aren’t the ones you plan but the ones you share with those you love.

        Along the way there’s plenty to delight Barbie fans, including adorable dogs, holiday decorations, and funky fashions. For girls who want a keepsake from the film and a storybook condensation, Reader’s Digest wraps up an adaptation by Justine Fontes with a snowflake necklace embedded in the glitter-dusted cover.

      Girls will groove on the pink snowflake patterned endpapers and bright illustrations by Rita Lichtuardt, Carrie Perlow, Taia Morley, and Christian Mussel. A big box of gratitude for editor Kristine Lombardi—a real doll!


Hi-low gains hardcover

Lerner’s Southsides get serious

      The good news is that the Justine Fontes junior novel praised by Booklist is now available in hardcover, along with the other Surviving Southside books published by Lerner. The sad news is that its subject matter becomes more relevant each day as growing numbers of emotionally-damaged American parents come home from war.

  BENITO RUNS tackles the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on a returning soldier’s family. Benito is thrilled to have his beloved father home from Iraq in one piece. But the lack of physical injuries doesn’t mean Dad is all right.

      How can a teenager cope with the confusion, embarrassment, and out-of-control emotions caused by his father’s PTSD? Benito runs away—and almost loses his life!

       The subject is high interest, but the reading level is low. Benito tells his story in first person present tense narration. The short chapters constructed of simple sentences are just right for reluctant readers.

       Kids won’t be bored. And by the end, they might just feel inspired to write their own stories. Curious? Please contact us for a sample copy or learn more at Lerner’s website  

Book excerpt!

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The 11th installment of the tale of patrician girl Justinia Fonteia 

in the worst summer vacation of

her young life: In Pompeii in A.D. 79!