Google Justine & Ron Fontes and you'll find tens of thousands of listings for children's books:  Movie and TV tie-ins like the top-selling Little Golden Book retelling of Disney's THE LION KING, the popular GRUMPY BUNNY series for Scholastic; and CAPTURED BY PIRATES a choose-your-adventure graphic novel for Lerner Publishing. PIRATES earned a silver medal from Parents Magazine and a bronze from  Independent Publisher’s Book Awards.

       Born in Manhattan, Justine Korman started working in publishing while earning her B.A. in English Literature Phi Beta Kappa from New York University. While still in school, she worked at Follett Children’s Books, and after graduating in the marketing department at Penguin Putnam, then as an Editorial Assistant at Little Golden Books/Western Publishing.      

       Justine met Tennesseean Ron Fontes at Western where Ron did layouts, covers, and production for Whitman Comics on titles like BUCK ROGERS, FLASH GORDON, LITTLE LULU, BUGS BUNNY, TWEETY AND SYLVESTER, MIGHTY MOUSE, POPEYE, THE PINK PANTHER, UNCLE SCROOGE, MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER 4000 A.D. and TUROK SON OF STONE.

    Ron was then hired by Marvel Special Projects Director Sol Brodsky. During the 1980s, Ron worked at mighty Marvel Comics with John Romita Sr., Stan Lee, Sol Brodsky, Marie Severin, Archie Goodwin, Jim Shooter, Jim Salicrup, Danny Fingeroth, Mike Carlin, Steve Saffel, Tom DeFalco, Kyle Baker and other comic book luminaries. He also wrote for DC Comics’ WORLD’S FINEST COMICS, featuring BATMAN and SUPERMAN.

           When Justine started getting freelance writing assignments, Ron pitched in and a prolific team was born. Together the Fonteses have written over 600 books, including many bestsellers and critically-acclaimed works.

      In October of 1999, Writer's Digest magazine crowned Justine "The Queen of Licensed Children's Books." Although best known for penning  every popular license from BARBIE to the X-MEN, the Fonteses have also written historical fiction, nonfiction, and originals in all formats from board books to junior novels.

     To maintain contact with New York City publishers after moving to Maine in 1988, the couple created critter news, a strictly-for-fun newsletter with articles about animals and their latest endeavors. Originally published monthly in black-and-white, it's now quarterly in color.

    Their first self-published book is the quirky anthology TALES OF THE TERMINAL DINER, which features original stories and art by Rick Beckley, Eliot R. Brown (THE PUNISHER ARMORY), Tom Doyle, Bill Fugate (THE LITTLE MERMAID), Michael T. Gilbert (MR. MONSTER), Grass Green (XAL-KOR THE HUMAN CAT), Fred Hembeck (THE DAILY PLANET), Cliff Kurowski, Don Lomax (THE ‘NAM), Jason Arnett, Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray (GHOST), Steve Skeates (VAMPIRELLA) and Neal Yamamoto (FIFTY NIFTY WAYS, KUNG FU DOG).

     Ron currently draws the online science fiction epic EARTH INVASION for Wunderman Comics, for whom he also created the striking art for the movie-based INDESTRUCTIBLE WILL graphic novel created by Nate Noggle. INDESTRUCTIBLE WILL is currently in preproduction.